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SPRING is an exhibit space that works in the manner of a magazine.

It is a collective, resource center, brain trust and think tank - the starting point for the active participation of a variable group to create stimulating exhibits that are not limited to one medium and look into the different possible development of a theme.
We invite curators, artists, designers and writers to collaborate on specific projects. It is an ambitious and exciting idea that would like to promote thinking, explore new exchanges and provide a link to and association with innovative projects.

We plan three to four main issues per year and some smaller 'articles' or 'special issues'. Topics span through all aspects of Art, Fashion, Design, Music and include all mediums. SPRING will tie in with existing shows and help in importing them to New York, giving exposure and creating a new exchange.
We are looking for advertisers to underwrite specific shows and the project as a whole. These sponsors will benefit by association with SPRING, an exciting concept and will help us support and develop new ideas, such as:
Best Bets: part of the space is dedicated to a store, which showcases artists work, carefully selected design items. the store will also present items that are pertinent to the current show.

Global Scouts: sampling worldwide - London, Paris, Berlin, Milano, Roma, Beijing, Tokyo and more - SPRING will add an extra element that allows to develop a truly multicultural network and bring awareness to our project.



A creative force in the project, Steve Butcher is a painter originally from England, now living and working in NYC.
He has been designing textiles for fashion and furnishing; creating sets and backdrops for Film, TV and Photography, listing among his clients some of the most recognized in their field - from Knoll to Kenneth Cole, Bloomenthal to Calvin Klein, Ocean Pacific to Designtex, Bloomingdale's to Enyce.
Meanwhile he has continued to paint and be involved in the Art world.



After working in house for Thierry Mugler handling press, shows and special events in the US, Anna started her own consulting and production company. She has worked with some of the most talented and renowned designers, photographers and art directors, helping to create the image of several leading fashion, beauty and lifestyle businesses. Her strength is in the ability to identify and develop a one-image concept, to work with a variety of talent and to pool the right people together for the appropriate projects. Her thorough research, knowledge and awareness of market and trends allow her to target the right audience. The idea for SPRING is to combine her knowledge of marketing and production with her experience in the creative world.
A partial list of clients, photographers and art directors includes:
Moschino, Roberto Cavalli, Jones NY, Neiman Marcus, Banana Republic, Enyce, Lucky, Amica, Vogue, L’uomo, Marie Claire, Elle, City, GQ, Ruven Afanador, Mary Ellen Mark, Barron Claiborne, Mark Seliger, Ellen von Umwerth, Lenny Kravitz, Natalie Merchant, Samuel Jackson, Kevin Spacey, Penelope Cruz, Detour Design, Fred Woodward, Memo Design, DKO, Smart Company.


Salutation: Mr. Ms. Mrs. Dr.
Email Address:


F train to York St. (first stop in Brooklyn), one block down Jay St, turn left on Front St toward bridges

A or C train to High St. (exit at back of train). Cross Cadman Plaza West, walk through the park, bear left, walk downhill cross the park, turn left on Washington St and right on Front St.

Walking, take the first stairs on left, turn left onto Cadman Plaza East/Washington Street and walk downhill to Front St.
Driving, take the Cadman Plaza West exit (stay in the right lane). Take the first right, then the next right onto Prospect and drive under the bridge.

Walking, exit the bridge and turn right onto Jay St and left on Front St.
Driving, turn right onto Jay St. and left on Front St.

Arrives/departs from Fulton Ferry Landing. For fares and schedules call New York Water Taxi 212.742.1969.